Company Introduction

In July, 2005, “the Quantum International Healthcare Co., Ltd.” to be originated, have devoted in promote preventive medicine of the global Chinese people, and the Integrative Medicine with naturopathic, try hard to do the education of both health and culture. In April 3-6, 2008, are the first time successful holds “the 5th WONMP Harmony Congress (including with naturopathic, medical congress and healthy exposition) in Hong Kong, Asian area. in October, 2008 In accordance to the future expansion strategy development, reorganization operation and connection with many medicines in advantage, simultaneously will form an strategy alliance in friendly relations with Quantum Group of Hong Kong. In November, 2008 received an honor which was to be representative member of [Sovereign Medical Order of the Knights Hospitaller(SMOKH)]. And will devote to impel the medical service first to rescue lacks area of the basic service with medicine, simultaneously will expand carries on charitable ambassador's recruiting in Taiwan area to raise up to the offering, also hoped that can drive all kind of people love & life’s compassion to the area where is poor medical care of the world.

Since 1994 has been joined “the Preventive and Integrative Medicine” working group, also participates the investment for setting up the Jye Horn Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. successively, the Medical Alliance of Free Radical, and the Bradford Integrative Medicine Alliance to be originated. We had sponsored for held annual “International Medical Conference of the Free Radical”, ”International Conference of Integrative and Longevity Medicine” and “Workshop of Nutrition & Chelation Therapy”. In 2005, participated in the investment setting up “Landmark cell biotech Co., Ltd.”:The success founds the stem cell be collected from peripheral blood of self body & how to store it with well. And applies these high-end technology with the clinical care in Parkinson’s disease , Alzheimer’s disease, heart & cerebrovascular disease, cancer and anti-aging projects and so on.

At present the company primary service is: service to medical clinics and hospital, and Nature Therapy promotion unit and Research center and so on. In places such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, China simultaneously invests is equipped with the quantum sub-health examination center (or natural keeping in good health hall of Hippocrates), except for provides "one-stop" work style of health education training, the international approval special course, the accurate health care series instrument, the high quality keeping in good health treatment course, the health care serial products, are sure general Chinese people could get high quality health service on body and mind in Asian area. Simultaneously introduces the body mind examination technology which is approved it be a patent by Europe and America.---The Quantum Bio-Feedback L.I.F.E. System, the Quantum Magnetic Resonance System(3D-QMR/NLS), can examine body's 7000 item of above sub-healthy material in just a few minutes, to examine the sub-health for the populace in rapidly, accurately, safely. Until now already was hundreds of thousands of people carries on the bodily examination. At the same time, to aim at the different need, researches and develops the Quantum’s natural healthcare serial products with unceasingly, carries on personalized, the user-friendly holistic recuperation and the treatment for the populace, thus enhances human body's healing power to raise up ourselves recovery strength, attains the body mind perfect, health, and the beautiful condition!

The anticipated can promote the establishment by “the medical ethics marketing, the medical skill to ask newly, the medical service to seek holistic health”, and connection with the mind-body, the spirit, works the omni-directional treatment's pattern of Integrative medicine with naturopathic and the medical service network, bases Taiwan, lays a foundation the mainland China; and the comprehensive expansion, takes a broad view at Asia, and take serves health of the global Chinese people as the life carrier in the future.