Service Introduction

Company Name

Quantum International Healthcare Co., Ltd.


7F-2, No.161, Sec.1, Wanshou Rd., Guishan Township, Taoyuan County 333, Taiwan (R.O.C.) (near the Huilong Terminal Station of Xinzhuang Line, Taipei MRT)

Person in charge

Kevin, Kuo-Wei Chen

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Sales Director

Kevin Chen




+886-2-8209-9422 ext. 13







Operation Concept』:The anticipated can promote the establishment by “the medical ethics marketing, the medical skill to ask newly, the medical service to seek holistic health”, and connection with the mind-body and the spirit, works the omni-directional treatment's pattern of Integrative medicine with naturopathic and the medical service network, and take serves health of the global Chinese people as the life goal in the future.

Operation Projest』:
【Healthcare instruments】

  • Quantum Bio-Feedback L.I.F.E. System

  • 3D-QMR, Qnantum Magnetic Resonance System, Non-linear System

  • QLBA, Quantum Live Blood Analysis System

  • Chelating Super Energy Resonance Cabin

  • QMRT, Quantum Music Resonance Therapy System

  • QMBT, Quantum Multifunctional Bio-resonance Therapeutic Device

  • Micro Circulation System

  • Life Messenger Transcription System

  • Quantum Radamir, Portable physiotherapeutic apparatus for affecting biological active points(BAP) and biological active zones(BAZ) by low-intensity electromagnetic radiation

  • Biolight Quantum Bioenergetics' Chip

  • GlucoTranz Patch

【Functional Medicine Examination】

  • IgG 101 & IgE 123 Analysis(Serum)

  • IgG 33 & IgE 55 Analysis(Serum)

  • IgG 101 Analysis(Serum)

  • Nutrient & Toxic Elemental(Hair)

  • Toxic Element Clearance(Urine, two times-before and after)

  • Toxic Elements Analysis-6 (Sweat)

  • Toxic Elements Analysis-6 (Sweat)

  • Comprehensive Female Hormone Health Profile(Serum)

  • Comprehensive Estrogen Metabolism Profile(Urine)

【Healthcare Products】

  • Heart & cerebrovascular healthcare series

  • Joint and arthritis healthcare series

  • Immunity and allergic healthcare series        

  • Quantum Emotional healing series

  • Intestinal tract & Liver detoxification series    

  • Heavy metal chelated series

  • Nutritional healthcare of Anti-aging (Free radical) series

【Curriculum Authentication】:To offer by Pan America University, CIHS (The College of International Holistic Studies), WONMP (World Organization of Natural Medicine Practitioners) up to the IHSM ( International Health Self-Management Association in Taiwan).

  • Therapist of Naturopathic with Nutrition specialized certificate curriculum

  • Doctor of Natural Medicine international authentication curriculum

  • Nature therapy certificate curriculum

  • Therapist of Natural Medicine international authentication curriculum

  • Various types of nature therapy diploma curriculum

  • The consulter of Quantum body mind specialized certificate curriculum

  • The plan of Quantum Natural Detoxification series curriculum

【Specialized Alliance】:Holistic healthcare project

  • Treatment Protocol training program  

  • Technology & know-how shifting

  • Management & planning            

  • undertaking counseling  

  • Medical platform with Integrative marketing network

  • Proxy of domestic and foreign medicine.


Seeks the approaches to cooperation

■Seeks the market;■Seeks the business agent;
■Market investment;■
Technical collaboration