What’s pattern of Integrative Medicine with Naturopathic?

  • Holistic function of the conformity body interior various organs (internal secretion, immunity, system, internal organs, nervous system…).

  • Entire good-fitting, mind-body, spirit.

  • Holistic medicine for conformity emotion, toxin, nutrient, chromosome, spinal service.

  • To combine with the mainstream and CAM-Complementary & Alternative Medicine (including, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Conventional Medicine, Dentist and Doctor of Natural Medicine), achieve mastery through a comprehensive study it, makes objective and the complete understanding and the appraisal to the human body and disease, by the security, effective, conforms with the physiology and the natural method treats disease, and promotes the health of body-mind & spirit, further pursues the health with living the nature.

Integrative Medicine with Naturopathic


Operation Concept and Characteristic

  • The operation concept in both health management and Anti-aging.
  • The medical ethics marketing, the medical skill ask, the medical service to seek holistic.
  • To build a good relationship between physician and his patient, to promote the value added of medical service.
  • The oral traditions hand down, to create a leader brand of marketing.
  • Carries out the nature, the spirit of integrative medicine, provides the medical service and the health consultation and the plan on own initiative manages service of the whole person, enables the human to grasp the health, lives the nature, can increase the source of tourists; create more profit.
  • The medical specialization, service user-friendly, the effect and a relationship of both physician and illness to the optimization.
  • The holistic medical service, to meet the requirement of best healthy in a way of individualization.
  • Health management & consultation and the plan of pathogenesis evaluation, disease treats, preventive medicine, sub-health management & planning, Anti-aging program (ex. The treatment protocol with stem cell rejuvenation & anti-aging).
  • All the member of the staff team has the specialization
  • Complete examination and good way of medical operation.
  • Consummation & warm environment of medical service, and intimate personalized (VIP) servicing facility.
  • Carries out the CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Expanded the service project with Integrative Medicine
Integrative Medicine with Naturopathic (including traditional and mainstream medicine)

  1. Preventive Medicine-keeping in good healthcare, diet, exercise, sub-health

  2. Holistic Medicine-Detoxification, Emotional Healing, Spirit, Psychology, Physiology

  3. Functional Medicine-Nutrition, Diet, Exercise

  4. Integrative Medicine with Naturopathic (including traditional and mainstream medicine)
    ●Detoxification & Cleansing
    ●Weight loss Program
    ●Complementary Cancer Care
    ●Anti-Aging Program
    ●Integrative Heart Care

  5. Oxidative Stress mechanics-Anti-oxidant Therapy

  6. Chelation Therapy-Heavy metal & Arteriosclerosis

Medical service project and application

  • The treatment and preventive management for each kind of chronic illness, degenerated and immune system disease.
  • Prevention of both cancer and anti-aging, stem cell treatment plan against of cancer, anti-aging.
  • Sub-health management and plan for keeping in good healthcare.
  • Examination of body health by Quantum Bio-Feedback L.I.F.E. System.
  • Analysis of Live Blood Cell.
  • The balance of nutrition, the immunity prevention appraises and examines, the treatment course.
  • Free Radical medicine, and Anti-Free Radical treatment plan.
  • Examination for various types of Functional Medicine.
  • Examination of Heavy Metal.
  • Examination of Arteriosclerosis and plan for chelation therapy.
  • Detection for sensitivity gene of disease and healthcare with examination of nutritional gene.
  • The quantum resonating music therapy (may unify five shape music and light)
  • Iris examination appraisal.
  • Spine corrective therapy by Isoghai methodology.
  • Body shape alignment by Nuro-beautology.
  • Sports medicine (by Rainbow Dancing).
  • Radamir Bio-resonance frequency healthcare.
  • Quantum body mind healing therapy (ex. Bath flower remedies & aroma therapy).
  • Detoxification Therapy (including in vivo environmental cleansing and trophotherapy of liver detox program).
  • Chinese medicine (including with acupuncture and channels & collaterals therapy).
  • Various types of naturopathic.

Issued by: Kevin, Kuo-Wei. Chen Doctor of Natural Medicine, EMBA, M.Sc.